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Hi Gerald,

I am a great fan of your brilliant kits and have quite a few now.

R.D Scotland
Hello Gerald

First of all I want to thank you for those fine model kits which you make.

Dimetry USSR

I have however had sad event in that on building your Scimitar (which I found went together pleasingly well) I scratch built a cockpit for it.

R.D Scotland

Blenheim looking the Part and Straight Forward to Build"

"Blenheim Finished - Nice Kit and EASY to Build"

P.W. U.K.

I must say this was an incredibly enjoyable build - so much so in fact I've just bought your MR3 version too! The interest during my build was amazing; my Britmodeller pages were inundated! :


The finished 1/48th Shackleton AEW-2 model is here:
T.P. U.K.
I send you some pictures of your beautiful B-47
Have a nice day:

Raimar Germany


I just finished this Sally.  It has certainly been fun for me, and I hope others will try vac modeling as well.  I have a growing collection of Sanger kits:
1) Merlin engined Halifax (2) Ki-49 Helen (3) Ki-48 Lily

S.J. U.S.A.

I have nearly finished the Hampden-its gone together just fine, years ago one of my school teachers was a Hampden gunner shot down over target. No 106 sqdn.

P.W. U.K.


Congratulations on another splendid model (I built your Lincoln and sent you the photos for you to use on your site)Any ideas on the release date for the 1/48th Vulcan? I'm salivating at the prospect!

T.P U.K.

I have attached 2 photos of the Horsa kit I finished last year. What an enjoyable model. It certainly is an attention getter at model shows!

T.D.M. U.S.A.


Attached are some photo’s of the T-28 kit I recently ordered from you. I really enjoyed this build and the kit went together without any fit issues at all

R.N. Australia


The B-47 cockpit canopy looks great.  The kit looks very nice.  The mould line surfaces are really smooth.  You worked really hard on this kit.  I imagine that the Vulcan, Victor, Valiant and B-52 will be even better!  I am really excited about this model kit.  This kit will be a really nice build and I am seriously thinking about purchasing another.

D.T.  U.S.A.

Many thanks for the B-47. I am delighted with this model.  I am afraid my 1/32nd Trumpeter kits will now have to take a back seat.  All I can say is roll on wintertime. All the best with the B-52 and future kits, as a Valiant is a must have for me.  However, I am sure I will be buying something else from you before then.

Many thanks once again.  Phil. U.K.

The Perth and Iris kits arrived in great shape. Excellent products as usual. Can't wait for the upcoming seaplane releases.

All the best John. USA


Hi Gerald,

The 1/48th Stirling is nearly done and I will forward you some photo's of the finished item when complete. I must say I am really enjoying this kit.

I would like your 1/32nd Beaufort as soon as it is available.

R.N. Australia Click here for the photos

Hi, just wanted to let you know we received the B-47 and my husband absolutely loves it! We were very happy with the quality of the kit and metal parts.  Thank you!

If you do the B-52 in 1/4th scale, we would be very, very interested.

K.D. U.S.A.

Hi Gerald,

received the B-47 yesterday, you did a very good job on it.  I look forward to doing business with you again.

R.S.  U.S.A.


Hi Gerald,

I got the model yesterday and was very pleased.  You did a great job!

Thanks again and keep me posted on the 1/4th B-52.

J.B.  U.S.A.

Hello Gerald,

Received the Wacko kit yesterday safely and have started building it.  It is beautifully produced and is little different from an injection moulded kit when assembled.  Fine detailing. I will be ordering more kits from you in the future.

R.S.  U.S.A.


Hi Gerald,

Just got back to work again and have now started the Avanti kit, which arrived safely.  Your metal parts are VERY nice - people rave about Aeroclub metal parts but I think yours are better.

D.W.  U.K.

Very impressed with your 1/48th Horsa kit.  Will enjoy building the two kits that I bought.  Thanks for doing the aircraft that no one else will.

Lovely website too!

S.W.  U.K. I.P.M.S.

I was extremely expressed with the quality of the vac formed pieces.  They looked to make an exceptional model of a rare aircraft.  I am truly looking forward to working with them and then adding them to my collection.

W.A.  U.S.A.


Hi Gerald,

I received the kits yesterday. They are superb!!!

I am impatient to see your other productions.

G.F. Europe.


I thought that I would let you know that the B-47 you shipped to me arrived here in Texas.  The package was not damaged and everything appears to be really excellent. I want to thank you and look forward to the 1/32nd kits.

P.V.  U.S.A.

The B-47 arrived today with no damage at all.  It is so much better than the old I.D. kit, it almost compares to an injection kit.

J.M.  U.S.A.

Just to let you know that the B-47 was received safely today and looks terrific!  Congratulations on a beautiful kit.

C.D.  Hong Kong

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